A Calling to Hit the Road in Brazil – full movie:

Summarized in shorts: 

As I ended up in the country following a calling which made no logical sense at all, it only made sense to hit the road when I felt called to do so. Not knowing where I would go or how things would go – not even thinking about it – I made my way to the gas station without a destination in mind, except to go in the direction of the state of Bahia.

Had no plans to turn this into a movie. Everything you hear are voice messages that I sent to a couple of friends during the experience – and a few video messages – as I was talking about what I was going through and sharing my thoughts. Most of them are to one friend, who could never comprehend what I was up to.

I never felt the journey was about having or not having money. It was simply a step at a time, one moment at a time, while letting it all unfold. Needless to say though – when starting out I was down to my very last money, and as I was out hitchhiking I found myself with nothing. It seems somehow an important detail that I need to mention.

I soon found myself in this little town by the beach in Bahia. Barely speaking the language. Not knowing anyone. Not having any plans or direction. Now faced with some quite fundemental questions. Yes, questions around how to find food and shelter et cetera, but more so around what our actual needs are, and the types of thoughts that come to you when you put yourself out there in that sense.